Is your body talking to you?

Body is a great gift we got to use to experience all amazing things we do during our lives: sun on your face, walking on the grass, soft kisses, massage. Your body never judges you (like your mind judges the body) and always does its best to support you using its healing capacities, even when you intentionally hurt it.

As kids we’re really connected to our beautiful bodies and we function mostly from our being and knowing. Little kids know very well how their body communicates with them and how to listen to it. Later when we are growing up we receive all kinds of information from people around us and the society about what is wrong or right and start function from our (or someone else’s) thinking mind. Grown ups replace playing outside, dancing and most of the happy and fun things our bodies love to do with sitting behind the computer, dieting, torturing the body with unenjoyable workouts. 

Can you imagine all of this is unnecessary and not really helpful if you desire a happy life and a happy body?

Can you imagine your body can communicate with you and gives you the information and awareness about what it requires to get healthy or happy much more than your thinking mind can?

I was really connected to my body when I was a child. My body loved all kinds of fun activities: gymnastics, horse back riding, dancing, skate boarding, skiing (the faster the better), surfing, climbing trees… Anything exciting would caught my interest and desire to try it. I was a very active kid and teenager daily enjoying my hobbies and free time until the hormones kicked in and I replaced all the fun stuff my body loved to do with worrying what my “friends” would think of me or what they’d like to do. And later thinking how my boyfriend prefers to spend his free time until I suddenly canceled all my hobbies just to spend time with him or my friends. And most probably they did the same. Can you relate?

As a child I instinctively knew what my body needs to be happy – and doing exactly that was the most natural thing to do. Your body knows what food it desires to eat, what clothes to wear, who would be most fun to play with at the moment. You actually don’t need to think much to know what your body wants. We’re receiving those information all the time – we just learned to ignore them completely and rely on others to know better what is best for us. Not much logic here, right?

What really helps when you loose the connection to your body is being present with your body, being aware what information you receive without including your mind to it, or making conclusions based on someone else’s experience. I was lucky enough to keep pretty good connection to my body, even if I was convinced I am only my body with thinking mind. This connection and following what felt most natural allowed me to have two super fast and easy childbirths (and my girls were really big!) with no injuries or thorns, finished in two hours. I remember exactly I didn’t use my thinking mind during the labor, I just did what my body required. I knew it exactly at that point what needs to be done and when. And luckily I was given space to do that without medical stuff interfering. My body also returned to its previous shape soon after birth.

When you’re making a choice for your body, try being present with it and asking the body what it desires. Healthy body is one of the best adaptive systems, designed to keep you safe and enjoy your life as much as possible. Choices about your body made only with your thinking mind or because you follow suggestions of your friends might not be the wisest idea. I just made some more experience myself about this lately. I was very happy with my body the way it was (how it felt and looked), but my mind found something it can be improved and hearing many friends say it’s the best choice they made in their life contributed to make a choice my body didn’t really need. I like the results now, but it wasn’t necessary, my body was beautiful before as well. Now, I am beyond grateful acknowledging how fast our bodies heal. I am fit again and grateful for how insanely fast my body recovered, healed and adapted. 

I hope I will be able to make my kids consider any decision they make with their bodies by being aware of the information their bodies are giving them and never make decisions based on some pre-set standards and trusting anyone else’s experience or opinion more than their own knowing. 

The best part of this experience is actually a lot more clarity about my body and me trusting my knowing about communication with my own body. And the more I practice it, the easier is for me to actually “hear” and know what my body requires more clearly. 

I am paying way more attention to my body signals. And my body is CRAVING more movement, stretching and more touch. It’s not complicated at all to make it happy. It’s also getting clearer why I always enjoyed practicing yoga so much: I have learned to do it my way. It allows me to be present with my body, working out in my own pace just for me, fully feeling every muscle flex and focus on my breathing. This is actually the way of exercising my body desires.

Yoga means kindness to my body and I must be totally present with my whole body when doing it. It requires concentration on the movement, breathing and body balance, leaving no space for busy mind. And after every yoga class my body feels so happy it glows and I’d usually walk around with a big smile for another few hours. I love to exercise mainly because my body wants to move and partly because it used to be the easiest way to escape my busy mind. My thoughts disappear when I’m jogging and I feel good when I’m stretched and fit.

There are so many activities to choose from that are really fun to do and you might just want to ask your body every day what would it choose to do today. And then actually go and do it. I got lazy in the winter, spending hours working on computer, ignoring how much my body actually desires to move. And how happy it gets when I really listen to it, treat it kindly, nurture it and leave my mind aside. What if being kind to your body and listen to it is a big step toward your happiness (not to mention better health)? 

Can you consider being present with it and asking the body what it desires? Is that special weight-loss diet really something your body needs or requires or is it your mind and other people’s standards? Is your body really unhappy with a few more pounds or is it your mind and other people’s judgements that are making you unhappy and miserable? Is it your body who desires that cigarette? It might be, as well as it might just be your opinion you can’t quit smoking because other people convinced you it’s so addictive. And you lit up a cigarette out of habit every morning even if your body doesn’t even want it at that exact moment. I am not pro smoking, nor against it; I am just writing this because I was doing the same until I realized my body doesn’t even want to smoke 99% of the time. You’re the only one who knows it.

Whatever you do, please trust your body – it’s trying to communicate with you and all you have to do is be present with it, listen and then trust your knowing more than others.

You’ll be amazed how your life can change.

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