We exist to empower
people to different future


We're supporting organizations commited to creating greater future for the planet, healthy environment, stronger communities and clean water.

It all starts by avoiding the use of materials that aren’t eco friendly, degradable and healthy. Conscious movement is at the core of why we do what we do at YOGA HERO – our calling. Because it leads to better world.


Our products are valued for great quality and design. Every Yoga Hero product is designed in-house with and valued for being sustainable, vegan, fair & social, enduring.
When it comes to our products, the focus is always quality over labels – we don’t make decisions because it’ll sell more, we make decisions on how our products will perform.

It’s the reason you don’t see us carry certain products. We won’t do it at all until we can do it well. We are consistently focused on delivering leading products to our consumers.


We offer project and non partner updates, exclusives, discounts and opportunities for advocacy and involvement.

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