What is "Yoga Journey" Loyalty Program?

This Yoga journey is never ending and rewarding like every journey you take. There are perks here. Surprises here. Parties here. It’s a loyalty program where you can grow and change with us and travel from darkness to the light.

There are four levels in our Yoga Journey. You start at the darkest place, The Moon, moving up all the way to The Sun, where enlightened yogis practice and live.

To unlock each level you need to do two things: collect stars + refer friends.

So where do you start? By rolling out your mat and joining us on…

Roll out your yoga mat, this is where every yga hero starts their yoga journey. Enjoy some exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox. Continue your journey flying from the darkest part oft he universe toward enlightenment. Collect stars on the way and turn on „Double Stars“ nights : when you can earn double the amount of stars for your purchase. You also get 5% off for every hero friend you successfully refer. It’s like taking a rocketship to help you get to the Earth So you get to enjoy your yoga hero life on earth.

Welcome to the Earth! This is another stop on your Yoga Journey where you grow and learn. It is also home of amazing competitions to win special prizes. You cant loose what you already achieve on your Yoga Journey! You can use all the perks from the Moon and enjoy new bonuses and get 10% off for every friend you successfully refer.

Put on your cape, hero! This is where Yoga Hero flash sales reveal themselves. Keep an eye on your inbox for exclusive sales that will be sent whenever we feel like it. That will be often, because we like you. You also get 15% off for every friend you successfully refer, plus all the perks from the moon and the earth.

That’s it. You’ve made it in life. You’ve reached enlightenment. On this level you will be treated to our special gifts; here a select group of lucky yoga heroes that gets to trial our newest products each time they drop. Don’t stress hero, this select group changes each month, so there’s enough to go around for everyone. You also get 20% off for every hero friend you successfully refer, plus the perks from the other levels.

How do I move up a level?

You need to do just one thing to unlock the next level: Collect Stars.

Stars are like dollars, but better. Stars are what you need to help you fly to the next level on your yoga journey.

Every dollar you spend is 1000 Stars.

Share your unique code with your yogi friends and if they’re successfully referred, you both get a discount, and you get 50,000 Stars. Share our link via the “Earn Stars” page on your Yoga Journey dashboard in order for the stars to be added to your account.

Are you happy with our products? Tell the world about us for 2000 Stars. You’ll receive an email 2 weeks after making a purchase. Fill it out. Hit send. Stars in your pocket.

Get 250 Stars for following us on Instagram: @yogahero.

Hit “Collect Stars” or “Refer A Friend” on your Yoga Journey dashboard to start your journey.

What do I need to unlock each level?

You need a certain number of Stars and successful referrals to unlock each level.

To check-in you need: 0 – 99,000 Stars.

To check-in you need: 100,000 – 299,000 Stars.

To check-in you need: 300,000 – 499,000 Stars.

To check-in you need: 500,000 or more Stars.

What are stars?

Stars are like dollars, but better. Stars are what you need to move up the levels of your Yoga Journey. Go to “How Do I Move Up A Level?” for more information on how you earn them.

Where do I check my stars?

You can check your Stars balance on your Yoga Journey dashboard.